With Ratecard, you can increase traffic and improve conversion by showing your reviews on Google. Don't worry about asking for feedback and/or reviews anymore: the process is 100% automated, so it doesn't take up your time. Get started now and improve every day!

How it works

  • Set up triggers to automatically add contacts to a smart group
  • Build your own form(s) and/or use our proven questionnaires (e.g. CX, cNPS, eNPS or EX)
  • Send real-time and personalized requests per email & SMS
  • Set goals, measure and benchmark to improve every day
  • Check out your feedback in real-time
  • Automatically publish verified reviews via Google, add Google Rich Snippets to your search results and add reviews to your Google My Business profile
  • Get more traffic, higher conversion rates and lower marketing costs
  • Let your team spread your ambassadors' words and grow (even) faster!
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