By integrating your OTYS and Ratecard accounts, you can benefit from collecting feedback on autopilot. You don't need to worry about asking for feedback and/or reviews anymore, the process is 100% automated so it doesn't take up your time. Would you like to be in control, and decide yourself which contacts you ask for feedback and/or a review? Get started now and improve every day!

How it works

  • Add (an) email template(s) including a JSON request within OTYS
  • Set up triggers to automatically add contacts to a smart group if it matches the trigger conditions (e.g. if a candidate is placed)
  • Build your own form(s) and/or use our proven questionnaires (e.g. CX, cNPS, eNPS or EX)
  • Send real-time and personalised requests per email & SMS
  • Set goals, measure and benchmark to improve every day
  • Check out your feedback in real-time within Ratecard
  • Publish your verified reviews automatically on your website powered by OTYS
  • Get more traffic, higher conversion rates and lower marketing costs
  • Let your team spread your ambassadors' words and grow (even) faster!

Installation guide

Step 1: Install and log into OTYS for Windows

Go to the installation page to install OTYS for Windows, and login using your OTYS credentials. Next, go to to the Document Manager and click on "New document".

Figure 1: Open a new document in OTYS for Windows

Step 2: Add an email template via OTYS for Windows

Now you can set up an email template that we will later send if an event occurs within OTYS GO! (e.g. a candidate is placed; see: further steps). Follow these steps in order to add your email template correctly:

  • Give your template a name, e.g. "Ratecard | Candidate" or "Ratecard | Contact person (client)"
  • Give your template a subject, e.g. "Your Company | Candidate | Feedback" or "Your company | Contact person (client) | Feedback"
  • Select "Email" as the document type (be sure to check the box to the right of it)
  • Check the box "Available for all consultants"
  • Add the following content to your email template:

For import of a candidate

"firstname": "««Kandidaten.Voornaam»»",
"lastname": "««Kandidaten.Achternaam»»",
"email": "««Kandidaten.Email»»",
"phone": "««Kandidaten.MobilePhone»»",
"jobtitle": "««Vacatures.Functienaam»»",
"employer": "««Vacatures.Opdrachtgever»»"

For import of a contact person (client)

"firstname": "««Contactpersonen.Voornaam»»",
"lastname": "««Contactpersonen.Achternaam»",
"email": "««Contactpersonen.Email»»",
"phone": "««Contactpersonen.MobilePhone»»",
"jobtitle": "««Vacatures.Functienaam»»",
"employer": "««Vacatures.Opdrachtgever»»",
"fnameapplicant": "««Kandidaten.Voornaam»»",
"lnameapplicant": "««Kandidaten.Achternaam»»"
  • Click "Save" to save the email template
  • You can now logout of OTYS for Windows

Figure 2: Save your email template in OTYS for Windows

Step 3: Add a new workflow within OTYS GO!

Go to your OTYS GO! application, and login using your OTYS credentials. Next, go to to the module "Workflows" and click on the (+) icon in the top right corner to create a "New workflow". Next, give your workflow a name, e.g. "Ratecard | Feedback on autopilot".

Figure 3: Add a new workflow within OTYS GO!

Step 4: Set up your new workflow within OTYS GO!

Now it's time to configure your workflow, and add triggers that help you to collect feedback and/or reviews on autopilot. Follow these steps:

  • Select the stage(s) you want to use for collecting feedback on autopilot (e.g. "Candidate status changed" or "Process stage changed")
  • Check the box "Global" to make this workflow available for all users
  • Click on "Save workflow" to save your settings for this workflow

Figure 4: Set up your workflow within OTYS GO!

Step 5: Add triggers to your workflow within OTYS GO!

Next, you should add one or more triggers - "workflow rules" within OTYS GO! - to your workflow. Follow these steps to add your triggers:

  • Add a name for your trigger, e.g. "Trigger | Change candidate status to placed"
  • Check the box "Global"
  • Click on the button "Add rule"

Figure 5: Add a trigger to your workflow within OTYS GO!

Step 6: Add conditions to your trigger within OTYS GO!

Now you can add conditions to your trigger. Complete these steps:

  • Select the parameter you would like to use for your trigger in the first dropdown, e.g. "CAN: If candidate status is..."
  • Select the value you would like to fire your trigger at in the second dropdown, e.g. "Placed"
  • Click on the "Save" button to save your conditions

Figure 6: Add a condition to your trigger within OTYS GO!

Step 7: Add an action to your trigger within OTYS GO!

Now it's time to finish up adding this trigger to your workflow within OTYS GO! - follow these steps to finish your trigger, and repeat step 3-7 for each trigger you would like to add:

  • Select "GLB: Make standard document" as the action for your trigger
  • Select the email template you made in step 2 above, e.g. "Ratecard | Feedback request | Candidate"
  • Select "Email" in the execution dropdown
  • Select "Fixed email" in the recipient dropdown
  • Check the box "Skip processing screen"
  • Add the smart group address you'd like to connect with this trigger. Make sure you have at least added one group, and copy the address in your list with smart groups within Ratecard:
  • Click on the "Save" button to finish adding this trigger to your workflow
  • Make sure you add the smart fields you've used in your email template (e.g. jobtitle, employer, fnamecandidate, lnamecandidate)

Figure 7: Add an action to your trigger within OTYS GO!

Step 8: Collect feedback on autopilot via Ratecard

Finally, it's time to set up an event-based campaign that is sent out to each new contact that is added to the smart group you selected in step 7 above. Within this campaign you can select the form you would like to use to ask the right questions at the right time. If you don't have any forms yet within Ratecard, you can build your own form and/or use our proven questionnaires (e.g. for CX, cNPS, eNPS or EX).

Congrats, you're all set now! Real-time and personalised requests will be send out per email and SMS once your trigger(s) is/are fired within OTYS. As a bonus, you can show verified reviews that you have collected on your website that is powered by OTYS by following the bonus step below.

Bonus: Publish your reviews on your OTYS powered website 🤘🚀

You can easily add a widget with your verified reviews to your website that is powered by OTYS. Follow these steps to make sure all your visitors see how your stakeholders rate working with your company:

  • Go to your overview with widgets within Ratecard
  • Pick the widget you would like to add and copy the embed code
  • Go to the CMS module within OTYS GO! to manage the content of your website
  • Select the page(s) of your website you would like to publish your reviews on
  • Click on the edit icon on the top right, and select the part of the page you would like to edit. Next, click the "Source code" button on the top left of your edit screen
  • Paste the embed code where you would like to publish your verified reviews
  • Now save the (part of the) page and publish your new version - that's it!


If you're interested in collecting feedback and/or reviews on autopilot via Ratecard within OTYS, please let us know. You could set it up yourself, or your dedicated OTYS consultant can help you set it up and manage or optimise it. Not a customer of OTYS or Ratecard yet? Don't worry, both Ratecard and OTYS offer a free online demo so you can test the waters without any risks.

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