By integrating your Teamleader and Ratecard accounts, you can benefit from collecting feedback on autopilot. You don't need to worry about asking for feedback and/or reviews anymore, the process is 100% automated so it doesn't take up your time. Would you like to be in control, and decide yourself which contacts you ask for feedback and/or a review? Manual imports are also possible. Get started now and improve every day!

How it works

  • Connect your Teamleader account within Ratecard
  • Manually import your contacts to get started (all or segmented)
  • Set up triggers to automatically add contacts to a smart group if a contact is added, if a tag is added to a contact, if a deal is won or lost, and if an invoice is sent, due or paid
  • Build your own form(s) and/or use our proven questionnaires (e.g. CX, cNPS, eNPS or EX)
  • Send real-time and personalized requests per email & SMS
  • Set goals, measure and benchmark to improve every day
  • Check out your feedback in real-time within Teamleader
  • Get more traffic, higher conversion rates and lower marketing costs
  • Let your team spread your ambassadors' words and grow (even) faster!

Installation guide

Step 1: Connect with your Teamleader account

Go to the installation page for Teamleader, and click on "Connect with your Teamleader account". If you're not logged into your Teamleader account, you will be asked to login first. After that, Teamleader asks you if Ratecard is allowed to access your companies, contacts, deals, departments, invoices and users. Click "Authorize" to allow the apps to connect, and you're good to go!

Step 2: Import your contacts from Teamleader

Make a quick start with Ratecard by importing your contacts from Teamleader. Feedback that is collected via Ratecard can be connected to (a) team member(s) and/or department(s), so you can measure their performance. Therefore we recommend you to import this info before going to the next steps. You can also import (a) segment(s) manually.

Step 3: Collect feedback on autopilot via Teamleader

Collect feedback on autopilot within Teamleader by setting up your triggers so contacts are automatically added to (or deleted from) a smart group in Ratecard. By setting up an event-based campaign for this smart group the contact is added to, you can send feedback requests by email and/or text on autopilot - based on events in Teamleader (e.g. a contact is updated, a deal is won/lost, or an invoice is sent/due/paid.

Step 4: Report feedback back into Teamleader

After you collected feedback, you might want to see this feedback reported back into your Teamleader account. That's possible! You can automatically add a remark with the feedback details to the contact and/or add a specific tag (e.g. "Feedback hero") to the contact that provided you with feedback.


If you're interested in collecting feedback and/or reviews on autopilot via Ratecard within Teamleader, please go to our integrations page to install the integration and get started. Not a customer of Teamleader or Ratecard yet? Don't worry, both Ratecard and Teamleader offer a trial so you can test the waters without any risk.

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